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High End Show Munich 2009

May 21st to 24th 2009. The M.O.C. in Munich

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 -  Clement Perry

"Best Sound? The Audio Consulting crew of Switzerland setup that featured a slew of battery-powered electronics and loudspeakers from Jean Hiraga did a number on me last year. That wasn't simply the best sound at the show, but among the best I ever heard. This year, I was very disappointed to find they were not in attendance at this year's event. Their website shows some of the funkiest looking loudspeakers I've ever seen called the Rubanoide Dvaijnoy (which uses a midrange driver that's an off-shoot of Paul Paddock's Lineaeum driver technology). I could only imagine what something like this sounds like considering the quality of performance they achieved in Munich last year."


Showroom of Jean Hiraga. Hanss acoustics and Audio Consulting
from left to right: Jean Hiraga, Nicolas Kong, Benoît Beauvé,Serge Schmidlin Audio Consulting

Speaker Hiraga JH-MS15 Reference, Tube Phono Stage, Silver Wire Gain Line Amplifier and HP MIPA 120 W of Audio Consulting, Turntable Hanss acoustics.

Tube Phono Stage

Fully battery powered Tube Phone Stage, Audio Consulting

Silver Wire Gain Amplifier and HP MIPA Amplifier 120 W, Audio Consulting

USB DAC, Audio Consulting

Arbelos woodlenses

NF Silver Wire Cable, silver Bullet Plugs and Cocobolo tube