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R-evolution Meteor – Stealth turntable


China Press about Audio Consulting:
 原厂探访|梦幻铭器 瑞士Audio Consulting.pdf


Finest MC cartridge with patented monobloc-ceramic transducer technology.

Xquisite Cartridge

Italian press: Silver Rock Totoidal Phono Amplifier

Silver Rock Phono

Mobile Phone Harmonizer

- November 2019 -

Have you ever experienced what those mobile phones do to your music ?
This revolutionary product will be available early 2020.
Stay tuned!

The Chengdu International Audio & Visual Show

18-20 October 2019 - Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.China.

Audio Show ChengduAudio Show Chengdu

History of High-End Audio Design
History of High End

About the book:
A beyond-cool look at the world of high-end audio design for passionate collectors, obsessive audiophiles, and design fans.
At a time when sales of vinyl records have hit a 25-year high, and analog technologies are providing the kind of extraordinary audio experiences that our increasingly digital world has started to remove, Hi-Fi is essential reading.

History of High End


the absolut soundthe absolut soundthe absolut sound

Meteor MIPA Amplifier

Meteor MIPA Amplifier

After the many years we have been selling MIPA amplifiers, the need for a state of the art version of this amplifier has become obvious. Over the last five years, we also have started developing toroidal versions of our Silver Rock transformers (see Meteor AVC and Meteor MC step up). Using exotic magnetic materials, silver wire and new winding technologies lead us to new levels in transformer performance in audio.
Thermal distortion is a very important factor in audio electronics. It is the major factor that creates the difference between tube electronics and solid state electronics.

Duelund Coherent Audio

Audio Consulting’s tinned copper CAST 33 uF capacitor for Rubanoide Dvaijnoy Crossover.

Audio Consulting in Italy
Silver Rock Phono

Serge Schmidlin is one of the most reserved characters that the Hi-Fi market, accustomed to hyperbole and exaggeration, has ever seen. A designer with a good preparation that goes beyond the confines of sound reproduction ....more

Silver Rock Phono Amplifier

tas - By Jonathan Valin

Silver Rock OPT NOS DAC

Silver Rock OPT NOS DAC

High End Product Of The Year Awards For 2017 -

For Audio Consulting’s Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier

tas - By Jonathan Valin

“This superbly crafted Swiss unit uses twin lead-acid battery power supplies (one for each channel) and twin, silver-wire, toroidal-core step-up transformers, followed by active solid-state circuitry
for RIAA and a toroidal-core output transformer, to generate 70dB of gain—quite enough, it would appear, to avoid the usual pitfall of transformer-based phonostages (to wit, dynamic compression). Though no fan of transformer-based phono preamps (or of units without capacitive loading) in the past, JV finds the Silver Rock to be an exception. Paired with CH Precision’s M1/L1 (or other high-qual- ity tube or solid-state electronics), the thing simply sounds like the absolute. While not quite as hard-hitting in the bass as phonostages without transformers, it is so neutral and natural in timbre ev- erywhere else, so extraordinarily high in detail, and so quick on transients JV doesn’t care. Nor should you. Perhaps the highest-resolution phono preamp JV has auditioned—and in the midband one of the most fool-you realistic—the Audio Consulting Silver Rock richly deserves the second of TAS’ 2017 Phonostage of the Year Awards. “ - Jonathan Valin -

Two from Audio Consulting: The SWGLA Preamplifier and Silver Rock Toroidal Phono

pf - Positive Feedback - by Marshall Nack -
Infrequently, gear comes along that asks you to put aside the analytical side of your brain and just listen. The components from Audio Consulting do that. When the analytical retreats, music appreciation comes forward. The new SWGLA Preamp and Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier do things that you don't hear from other components. They reveal the kind of performance details and insights that conjure live sound.

This is not to short change how well they perform on the audiophile report card, with excellent grades across the board. But the Audio Consulting gear will obviously have greatest appeal to those who treasure musicality.

The Audio Consulting duo stimulated a pleasure factor, and all who heard it agreed: reproduced music should have that more often.

If the shoe fits (and you can afford it), there's no need to look further. Your search would likely be futile."

Mains isolation transformers

Mains isolation transformers

Build a new mains for your sensitive audio system
"Today's mains is not compatible with high resolution audio systems. The situation is so bad, that we have decided already 14 years ago to sell battery equipment only.
For those who want to improve the dramatic mains situation however, we have been developing mains isolation transformers for the last 25 years.


Reel to Reel Tape Machine Output Stages

more ...


LECTURE: Music therapy and high fidelity

Dr. SCHMIDLIN, Serge, Director of the Audio Consulting Institute, Switzerland, 
expert of high fidelity and high end

pdfMusic should strike fire from the heart

Rubanoide Dvaijnoy / Rubabass 2 / Super Tweeter  System

A unique dipole loudspeaker.

Audio Consulting is launching a new three way dipole system with unique features

Rubanoide  Systems - history and description.

Rubanoide 3-way Speaker 


A very musical clam - Meteor Toroidal AVC 


A friend asked about this preamp: but does it really makes the difference?
YES!, definitely yes, folks!
Overall sweetness or edginess are also an issue and the best performer must be balanced on this feature, so important, paramount for a true-to-life grand-result.
Meteor is the ideal, cost-no-object line preamp for the discerned music lover and scholar.  A true statement. - more.... 

Audio Consulting Meteor Toroidal AVC or the passive line-stage preamps survey - the final challenge?


Serge Schmidlin's Audio Consulting or Audio Consulting's Serge Schmidlin?

Every time I visited Serge's place and listened to his system, with Meteor's Phono and Line stages and crazy, superb direct driven turntable and MIPA power amp and Rubanoid's speakers, I always, SAY,  always felt the improvements going on in music rendition: from multiamping to mono amping, bass Rubanoids' so resonance-free sounding, and seldom heard depth of image and detailing...

The overtones and harmonics in acoustic instruments are so, sooo.. natural!


God is in the Irons - Audio Consulting's Silver Rock AVC - handmade in Switzerland

TWOGOODEARS: Silver Rock AVC Passive Preamp 

High End Munich 2016

Best of the show  contender:
"Jonathan Valin  - The Absolute Sound" 

"Stenheim showed its €50k Alumine Five four-driver three-way with Audio Consulting turntable, preamp, phono amp, and amp, Nagra digital, and Brandt cable from Geneva. This was quite a remarkable setup as I heard things through it that I hadn't heard as clearly on anything else, such as Paul's fingering of Sebastian (his twelve-string casket-style guitar) on my PP&M LP. A Best of Show contender, for sure.

"The Absolute Sound - Julie Mullins"

"I had the pleasure of visiting a wonderful-sounding room, a second one from Audioarts (that nearly made my top five) in Hall 1 with all-Swiss-made gear (along with some tasty chocolates) including a couple of exciting debuts: the Audio Consulting Meteor Mipa power amplifier and the Stenheim Alumine Five loudspeakers. The Meteor Mipa amp’s Zeppelin-like shape not only looks exotic, but it also reduces infernal standing waves. Other distinctive qualities of this high-efficiency amp are that it’s battery-powered with a chassis made of real wood (American maple) that can be painted in a variety of custom finishes. It’s slated to be in market by summer and to retail for around $45k. On Dean Martin’s breathy baritone and Peter, Paul & Mary’s smooth harmonies, this demo proved to be one of the more transparent I heard at the show—quite natural, realistic, and beautiful with striking resolution and finely filigreed detail."

Stenheim -Audio Consulting - Brandt Audio -Munich High End 2016

Stenheim -Audio Consulting - Brandt Audio -Munich High End 2016

New Meteor Mipa Ampflifier - High End Munich 2016

Stereo Times High End 2016 -Key Kim

High End Munich 2016

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pfPositive Feedback - Audio Consulting Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier

Articles by Marshall Nack - Positive Feedback ....

The Absolute Sound, March 2016 - Editor’s Choice Awards

Audio Consulting Silver Rock Toroidal

“This unusual battery-powered Swiss phonostage uses toroidal-core transformers at the input and the output in a solid-state circuit in which the RIAA crossover is induced via coils.

The Silver Rock…is in fact, extremely fast, powerful, and extended, with simply phenomenal resolution of low-level detail.

On both instruments and voices, the Silver Rock Toroidal comes close to being the most realistic phonostage Jonathan Valin has heard…If you want to hear absolutely everything on an LP – and you want to hear it as if the performers are in the room with you – you’re gonna have to go a long, long way (and spend a lot more dough…) to beat out this little marvel.

One of Jonathan Valin’s two references.”

>>>Silver Rock Phono Toroidal

R-evolution Stealth - Meteor Turntable

Stealth Turntable

more ....

Audio Consulting Thales Tonearm

Thales tonearms of Switzerland created a unique geometry for vinyl LP audio reproduction.
It combines the pivoted tonarm with the tangential one in a simple and yet elegant way.
Read more about Thales tonearms here:

Audio Consulting Thales Tonearm

After using this tonearm here at our development centre and at shows we were really impressed about its performance.
Never before have we hear such resolution from deep bass to the highest trebles.
Soundstages are totally new in clarity and positioning of the instruments and performers.
The overall resolution has reached levels that we would never have expected from vinyl LP reproduced sound. more...

Hongkong Audio Press - Silver Rock Toroidal Phono

Hongkong Press

Speakerbook in Chinese language - Audio Consulting


Audio Consulting - Chinese language book


Meteor Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier

Meteor Silver Rock Toroidal Phono

product details ....

High End Show Munich 2015

MUNICH HIGH END 2015: ELECTRONICS- the absolute Sound - by Julie Mullins

"Most Coveted Product: A tie between Audio Consulting’s zeppelin-shaped Meteor phonostage made of lava rock and its R-evolution Minima turntable". read more ....

The Audio Consulting Turntable and Phono Preamplifier - Michael Fremer - YouTube

MUNICH HIGH END 2015: LOUDSPEAKERS - the absolute Sound - by Jonathan Valin

High End 2015 Hits Its Stride - stereophile -  by Jason Victor Serinus -


6moons - Munich High End 2015

AUDIOPHILE MAGAZIN - Bons Baiser de Munich - High End 2015

Meteor Toroidal Silver Rock Phono

 Meteor Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier

R-evolution Minima Turntable

R-evolution Minima Turntable 

New: Meteor Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier

Meteor Silver RockTotoidal  Phono

Audio Consulting Music System - You Tube Video



Audio Consulting was presented two Awards by Positive Feedback Magazine:

Meteor Autoformer Volume Control

Meteor AVC black

Silver Rock Toroidal
Phono Amplifier

Silver Rock Toroidal Phono

Award Meteor AVC Award Silver Rock Toroidal Phono

pf Positive Feedback - Writers' Choice Awards for 2014 - The Best of the Best!

"It is a clean sound, like only battery power provides; a pure sound, like only passives allow. 

With links to the past in its naturalism and aspects of contemporary in its dynamics and resolution—still, it bears little resemblance to modern digital. 

In fact, this type of reproduction only points out how artificial modern digital really is."
-  Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback  -
read more..

A Visit to Audio Consulting, Switzerland

 "Jürgen Saile at HIFISTATEMENT"


Serge Schmidlin and Autor Jürgen Saile

".. Immediately after the first few bars we could hear just how much potential this system has. I have just one word: amazing! This system plays with more dynamics than I have ever heard and I’ve heard quite a lot. But not only that - tonality, airiness, imaging, and the illusion that real musicians are playing in the room are all at their finest. Nonsense - at their very best! These properties are, of course, not only evident listening to the Qin, but on all subsequently played tracks – irregardless of whether playing a record or a CD - a stunning performance was delivered. Drums played on a hifi system usually sound like “feet that fell asleep.” Whoever does not want to believe this should take a seat right near my drummer. It sounds like a shooting gallery with impressive reality and that reality very close by. Of course, a big horn speaker system could also have its say."  JÜRGEN SAILE - HIFISTATEMENT ...more.

Switzerland's Gems - at Serge Schmidlin's place

"Chapeau to Serge Schmidlin and Audio Consulting of Switzerland for reaching such an high level of musical bliss... making it so easy to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Difficult things made easy is something which only happens to the best... the very best.
- Stefano Bertoncello's Blog - ".... more

Stereo Times' High End 2014 Munich Report

München 2014

Another demostration that proved to be worth the travel away from the MOC and NOT provide free shuttle service was the new Swiss-built Steinheim Reference loudspeaker. The venue was the hotel Kempinski located downtown Munich on Maximilianstrasse. The room also featured Audio Consulting of Switzerland's new Meteor Autoformer Passive preamp, Silverock phonostage and electronics from Nagra. All in all, it appeared the entire layout came out of Switzerland. I never really got the chance to sit and listen as I wanted due to time constraints and all the small talk surrounding the debut of these products. But I will admit, I'm a long time fan of Audio Consulting and think they've got my pick (alongside Audio Note) for what's sounds actually closest to pure and natural. And I do not think these guys were far from achieving that once again. My only wish was that I could have had a chance to sit in that sweet spot. Awesome!! -  Clement Perry - ." 

Stenheim, Nagra and Audio Consulting were exhibiting at the Kempinsiki Hotel 

During the Munich High End Show 2014, and together with Stenheim and Nagra, Audio Consulting was exhibiting this year at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski.

Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier in an new chassis

 Test: Audio Consulting Silver Rock Meteor 

Hifi Statement

The Meteor AVC passive preamplifier was reviewed by Jürgen Saile at HIFISTATEMENT:

Silver Rock Meteor AVC 

For those who are not so familiar with the German language, Google Chrome offer simultanous translation. We plan however to have this article translated by a professional ASAP.


"Die beste passive Linestufe, die ich bisher gehört habe. Wenn ein Eingang ausreicht, kann sie einen Vorverstärker voll ersetzen. Sehr dynamische und mühelose Wiedergabe. Für Puristen. Mit dem nötigen Kleingeld. - JÜRGEN SAILE - HIFISTATEMENT"

Audio Consulting Meets Scaena

"CES 2014 - Stereophile - by Jason Victor Serinus"

"CES 2014 - Stereo Times - Staff Report"

"CES 2014 - Stereo Times - "Staff Report Part 2"

"CES 2014 - The Audio Beat - Paul Bolin"

The Silver Rock Meteor AVC

Meteor AVC Toroidal Transformer

The new "Meteor" inductive volume control really is a quantum leap in this technology:

Some time ago, one of our customers and Silver Rock enthusiast made an inquiry for a cost-no-object toroidal TVC. Moreover, the customer wanted to have the HF resonance set as high as possible, and thus a very wide bandwidth as well as less than 100 ohms DCR. After several trials, we decided to go for an toroidal autotransformer volume control device.
Mind you, even AVC do have HF resonance and it took us a few more prototypes to get there.
In the end, we came up with a device that is resonance free up to 2 MHz, where it slowly starts to attenuate the signal with a 6 dB slope.

To our knowledge, this is the first magnetic volume control device that uses toroidal magnetic cores. It takes two and a half days of hand labour (no machine in the process whatsoever) to produce such a coil.
This AVC was meant for the purist, and thus has only stereo input and stereo output.

More Info ...

ReMusic visits Audio Consulting


"In this sense, I can define Audio Consulting devices and systems designed by Serge Schmidlin as the most live, vivid and close to give back "the air" of the original sound event, through an audio reproduction, than I have ever had the lucky and the honour to listen to.

And the air, if you notice that, is the element into which the music spread." - by Giuseppe Castelli - ...more

Test: Audio Consulting Reference RCA 

Hifi Statement

RCA Caqbel

"Statement: Ich muss leider gestehen, mit dem RCA Reference spielt meine Anlage auf einem höheren Niveau. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass mit der CD eine derartige Fülle an Klangfarben und homogener Wiedergabe möglich ist."   - JÜRGEN SAILE HIFISTATEMENT - ...more


Audio Consulting MIPA 30 W Stereo Ampflifier

 MIPA Endstufe

Test: Audio Consulting MIPA 30 W Stereo Amplifier 

Hifi Statement

"Stereo Times most wanted components 2012 - Silver Rock phono preamplifier

Stereo TimesSilver Rock Phono

".... So far, with the Silver Rock in the system, it's been one of those "died and gone to heaven" type experiences. I can only imagine what the rest of his components would do. It's hard to believe folks that just starting out with battery-powered phono stage, could infuse this much magic into my own rig. Yes, and it's only the start! " - Stereo Times  -  ....more

Super Tweeter for the Rubanoide FamilyRubanoide Tweeter

We have tried to further improve the Rubanoide by using a super tweeter. This turned out to be much more difficult that we originally thought. We tried many Ribbon based designs as well as some compression drivers. They never really blended in with the fabulous Rubanoide.

Then we tried a new design that is a planar membrane based and features efficiency equal to the Rubanoide's. It totally blends in, and for the first time we noticed a tremendous improvement without any drawbacks ...more

Silver Solder - 10 % Ag

Silver Solder 10 % AG

We have been looking for high percentage silver containing silver solder for quite a while. All we could find was 4% silver and 96% tin. Higher silver percentages were also accompanied by copper and even gold.

We have clearly made the experience that the less there is metals the better the sound. Thus we have custom produced our own silver solder with 10% silver content and 90% tin and NO copper or gold ....more

Little Prince in person... at Serge Schmidlin's place

... also if "little" he's not... he's a giant, actually... and still a Prince of taste and kindness and bon vivre, a truly sincere, open-minded and both young and passionate, old-timey gentleman.

Since 2000, is still walking in awe on it, experimenting and building and learning and improving, trial & errors, illuministic and illuminated as he can be, a visionary unafraid of world, detractors and market sirens and dogmas, yet a scientist and not a voodoo wannabe!

What I heard yesterday represents the Zenith - my personal and maybe, to a broader/broadest/universal extent - of the detailing and "rightness" of reproduced sounds and music at home.

Nonetheless, Rubanoid's speakers with their Japanese coffee-colour handmade paper and gorgeous wood short horns simply disappeared and became the time and sound and air bubble where maestro Bailes performed his seldom heard lute music; the growling low notes and the music arrived straight at our hearts in a truly seldom heard way! ...more

Visiting dr. Serge Schmidlin's Audio Consulting AG from Switzerland

Test: Audio Consulting MIPA 30 W Stereo Amplifier 

Hifi Statement

MIPA Endstufe

"To me, some transistor equipment sometimes sounds too much like hifi and too little like music. This is totally my personal opinion that you, of course, may disagree with. Here, however, a piece of equipment is only successful if it can really make music. And nowhere is a tube to be found! Its sound reproduction is very clear, especially in the upper frequencies. But also an acoustic bass is reproduced with a lot of color and nuance. Particularly for a "grandma", bass sounds are not a black hole, a clear distinction between open and fretted strings must be heard. When connected to speakers with the right efficiency, reproduction on the MIPA is tremendously exciting and fast. The music gets very intense – reading the newspaper at the same time is not possible!" - JÜRGEN SAILE HIFISTATEMENT - ....more

A Chance Listen to Audio Consulting of Switzerland's all-battery Powered Components

Stereo Times, Key Kim 

R-evolution “Stealth” turntable

"Bilan / Luxe - été 2012"

Silver Wire with cotton isolation

 We offer this wire for the DIYer that wants to create his own speaker, line or digital cable.

Silver Wire Cotton



Budapest - from 28 to 31 August, 2011
LECTURE: Music therapy and high fidelity
Dr. SCHMIDLIN, Serge, Director of the Audio Consulting Institute, Switzerland,
expert of high fidelity and high end

Audio Consulting of Switzerland: A Day in the Life...

StereoTimes, Clement Perry

Clement Perry Stereo Times

A visit by Clement Perry, Stereo Times, to Audio Consulting

Video - Stereo Times visits Audio Consulting


Clement Perry (Stereo Times), Serge Schmidlin (Audio Consulting),  background new
R-evolution Stealth Turntable - the article will be published soon.

Clement Perry, Stereo Times:
"For starters, my first stop was Geneva, Switzerland a full day before flying to Munich. This trip was by way of an open invitation from Audio Consulting of Switzerland designer Serge Schmidlin (photos above). At the '09 High End show (here), I awarded his eclectic battery-powered electronics Best Sound. The sound, as I mentioned to anyone who'd listen, was indefatigable: totally devoid of any electronic haze and/or interference whatsoever. In addition to giving it Best Sound, Audio Consulting of Switzerland immediately became my new reference standard. In a world of insanely expensive gear I would view Schmidlin's wears as "reasonably obtainable" (I've heard far more expensive rigs, one belonging to the Frenchman Jean Yves Kerbret, whose setup sounded every bit as good but at one million dollars...I don't think so!). See my full report on this amazing system and my sonic impressions at the conclusion of my show report."

Stereo Times

New Turntable: R-evolution Minima

R-evolution Minima

New: Meteor MC Step Up Transformer
Meteor Step Up Transformer 


Audio Consulting is reseller of Koetsu Cartridges

KoeTsu Rosewood Signature

Rosewood Signature Platinum

Silver Rock Phono

Test LP 4/2010

"Serge Schmidlin has built a sensationally good phono preamp. This is a phono preamp with almost magical properties of sound. "


Article LP-Magazine 04/2010