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R-evolution Meteor – Stealth turntable

Stealth Turntable 


Stealth Turntable Stealth Turntable
Stealth Turntable  Stealth Turntable


R-evolution Meteor – Stealth turntable




R-evolution Stealth, the case’ story


  • Direct drive motor (using silver coils) using extreme quality parts (caps and resistors). One silver wire transformer is being used in the feed back loop.

  • Two chassis construction: one inner chassis for motor – platter, one outer "Meteor" chassis with no cylindrical or flat surfaces in order to avoid any standing waves. It protects the motor platter assembly and is a very neutral and independent stand for the arm.
This "Meteor"  chassis is made using one entire tree that was dried for at least 20 years. It is then assembled to a block of 1/3 rd. of a cubic meter and CNC milled. Two more weeks of hand labor are then needed in order get the surface right. After that, several layers of organic wax are then being applied. We can also deliver it in black or "aged bronze" or any color needed (Ferrari red , other metal finishes and colors etc.)

  • Totally new axe- shaft assembly with ultra stable, though highly acoustically optimized platter (made of stabilized wood). The platter is protected from air borne vibrations by the Meteor outer chassis.

  • Battery power supply using the latest battery technology. Decoupling capacitors use values of several Farads, while being very fast at the same time.

  • Active anti vibration system from Accurion. This cancels any low frequency below 200 Hz. Unlike any air or spring system, this is still active at a few Hz, where passive devices face resonance. This alone allows for incredible silence between the notes.

  • Two arms can be mounted to the turntable and can be used at the same time.

  • Price: CHF 252’200.00