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 "Statement: Ich muss leider gestehen, mit dem RCA Reference spielt meine Anlage auf einem höheren Niveau. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass mit der CD eine derartige Fülle an Klangfarben und homogener Wiedergabe möglich ist."   - JÜRGEN SAILE HIFISTATEMENT - ...more

For unprecedented musical pleasure use our solid core silver RCA interconnect cable between your CD player, your converter, your preamplifier, your amplifier etc.

First we would like to explain our general philosophy :

There always is one optimum for a given problem.
It costs tremendous amounts of time to find it, but this is the only way to make real progress.

Some twenty years ago people became aware that cables have their own sound.

The audiophile community was measuring cable's ohmic resistance, inductance and capacity. Propagation group constants and dielectric absorption were the magic words.

Cables became thicker and thicker because of many wise calculations, and people simply forgot to listen to cables.

Well, that is exactly what we did: listen to cables and wires.

There is no bad cumulative effect on the sound with our wire as has been reported with other silver wires. This cumulative effect, we think, is due to multi-stranded and/or Teflon insulation.

We use natural unbleached cotton for the insulation in our RCA and speaker cables and achieve unique natural, smooth and dynamic sound.

We use RCA connectors that use as small quantities of metal as possible.

These cables are entirely hand assembled and no 1Km rolls are being produced.

This also helps music a lot...

Typical applications are: