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Silver Wire

Insulated Silver Wire for DIY cables and wiring

silver wire cry


Typical applications are:

  • Speaker wires. They provide better bass than any higher diameter. For systems above 96 dB/W/m a non twisted pair of up to 3 meters will outperform any other speaker cable. And it costs you CHF 72.00 per side!
  • For lower speaker efficiency you may use two or three runs per polarity.
  • To get a very high performance interconnect, simply twist a pair of this 0.5mm wire. You may add some shielding if you are in a non-differential mode, and that is it. It even works with digital interconnects, although we prefer to use the 0.15 mm wire in this application.
  • The perfect star grounding: take as many wires as you have ground connections to make. With a butane flame heater melt all of them together at one end. All connections go with one wire to this single point, which becomes the perfect star grounding.

Solid core Silver Wire Data sheet:

  • Diameters: 0.50 mm (external: 0.56 mm) and 0.15mm (external: 0.17mm). Other diameters upon request.
  • 99.99 % Ag
  • Insulated Silver Wire
  • DCR: 0.085 Ohms/meter (0.5mm); 0.95 Ohms/meter (0.15mm)
  • Other diameters available upon request


Silver wire, cryo 0.50 mm CHF 30.00 /m
Silver wire, cryo 0.15 mm CHF 10.60 /m


Cryo Wire

We offer our silver wires with cryo treatment. Several cryo cycles provide a subsatntial improvement to the already outstanding wire.