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Silver Solder - 10% Ag

 Silver Solder - 10% Ag

Silver Solder 10 % AG

We have been looking for high percentage silver containing silver solder for quite a while. All we could find was 4% silver and 96% tin. Higher silver percentages were also accompanied by copper and even gold.

We have clearly made the experience that the less there is metals the better the sound. Thus we have custom produced our own silver solder with 10% silver content and 90% tin and NO copper or gold.


  • 10% silver (Ag) content
  • 90% tin (Sn) content
  • No copper, no gold
  • Very easy to solder
  • Extremely good sound
  • Ideal when used with our silver wire
  • Diameter: 0.8mm
  • Quantity: 100gr
  • Price: CHF 82.00