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MC Step Up Transformer

A new version of MC Step Up Transformer (toroidal version)

Moving coil cartridges will take you to a new level of musical pleasure with these silver wire toroidal transformers.



There is the very old fight between audiophiles who use Pre-Preamplifiers and those who prefer MC step-up transformers for the use with MC cartridges.
Usually there is less noise with transformers, but also less information and resolution when compared with the very best MC preamplifiers. That is what we thought until we decided to go as far as one can go with a transformer..
In the beginning we thought that we have to use nickel alloys because of the very low level signals that may be in the nano- or even pico volt region. It took us quite some time to find nickel alloys (permalloy) featuring very high permeability and as low as 4 um thickness of lamination. Well we found it and produced many prototypes together with our silver wire.
We got promising results and were quite satisfied until...we tried a totally different magnetic material (which we keep confidential for the time being).

This was a real breakthrough and we were able to achieve levels of resolution that we never would have dreamed of. 


  • Gain +20 dB or +26 dB impedance cartridge
  • Silver wire toroidal transformer
  • Very low losse magnetic core 
  • 99.99% silver wire
  • Low DCR values: secondary of low impedance model has a DCR of 200 Ohms
  • Primary inductance value is constant with AC voltage
  • Center tab on primary available
  • Compact in size (L,B,H) : 5 cm x  5 cm x 8 cm
  • Price: CHF 1`840.00 each ( you need a pair for stereo operation)