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Audio Consulting comes back to a product we used to sell a lot 10 years ago:

The 600 Ohms LCR RIAA


The absence of resistors with values in the thousands, the phase behaviour and the very low DCR of the coils are all factors that allow for unique resolution when playing vinyl.

We found very special toroidal cores for this low noise application. Together with the cryo silver wire, a Swiss maple box and some additional shielding, these new inductors are absolutely unique in performance.

We suggest only the very best resistors and capacitors to be used with those inductors.


  • Each cylindrical boxes contains one 1.80 Hy and 0.045 Hy toroidal inductor
  • Very special toroidal magnetics
  • Cryo silver wire with cotton insulation
  • Very low DCR: DCR for 0.045 Hy: 0.25 Ohms; DCR for 1.80 Hy: 3.00 Ohm
  • Wooden cabinet with additional shielding
  • Price for Stereo set (two boxes, four coils) : CHF 4'080.00