TopAudio Show

Milano, Italy


Audio Consulting was invited by Acustica Applicata to take part at the  2007 Topaudio show together with Mantra Sound from 13.09.07 to 16.09.07 in Milano


Acustica Applicata is providing expertise in acoustical room treatments and also is the Italian importer for Avalon speakers.
(From left to right: Guido Chiostri, Mantra Sound ; Fabio Liberatore Acustica Applicata; Italo Adami, Acustica Applicata)


Avalon's new Indra were driven by Audio Consulting's 120 w Mipa mono block amplifiers, using as much as 3 silver wire transformers per side.
The SWGLA was taking care or  line level signals and volume setting, while the Silver Rock Phono was providing 70dB gain for the MC cartridge (a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua) used with the analogue front end.
All Audio Consulting electronics were battery driven, while  the CD player was fed from the mains using 3 isolation transformers in series.


Some more pictures from the room:

"Se vuol ballare, signor Contino,  Il chitarrino le suonerò."


In his daily lectures, Michael Fremer explained to the audiemce how to install and set up cartridges on turntables.
Azimut, anti-skating, overhang, tilt, VTA etc. were all made clear to the captivated visitors.
This became  possible with Fabio Liberatore's talent as a English-Italian translator.


Some  pictures from Audiophile Sound's  room:

As every year, Pierre Bolduc's unique presentations on fascinating aspects of technical sound reproduction were attracting thousands during this 20th edition of the Topaudio show.
Comparing copies of master tapes to LP's that were produced using exactly these master tapes, turned out to be nothing less but shocking.
So, you should  go for a vintage 2 and/or 4 track reel to reel tape machine, buy the tapes from the Internet and have (a lot of)  fun!

Thank you Pierre for (once again) opening our eyes and ears.



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