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CES 2008

Las Vegas, USA

Audio Consulting was invited by Avalon Acoustics to take part at the  CES 2008  show

Room 43-310 in the Ventian

Avalon Acoustics presented their new Indra speaker
Extreme care was taken in order to fine tune the room; as for example, small wooden plugs were used under every cable and special devices covered every un-used mains plug in the room
Acoustical Room treatment by Acustica Applicata from Italy
Digital Front end by dCS
Amplifiers and Preamplifier by Audio Consulting.


Avalon's new Indra were driven by Audio Consulting's 120 w Mipa mono block amplifiers, using as much as 3 silver wire transformers per side.
Those amplifiers were powered by batteries of extreme energy density

The SWGLA Preamplifier (also battery powered) was taking care of  line level signals and volume setting