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R-evolution Minima

R-evolution Minima Turntable

Minima Turntable Minima Turntable Minima Turntable
Minima Turntable  Minima Turntable Minima Turntable



This turntable represents Audio Consulting’s entry-level turntable. It features the same highly optimized direct drive set up and axe assembly as the R-evolution Stealth.  While highly sophisticated from a vibration point of view, it is smaller and simpler than the Stealth. The platter is made of wood for optimum sound performance.
Like all Audio Consulting products, it is powered by battery, thus totally immune to mains supply born perturbations. From an ecological point of view, we may say that it uses only 2 watts of power during operation.

The new “R-evolution Minima” turntable features:

  • Direct drive motor; less than 2 w of power consumption during operation
  • Axe/shaft assembly weights 8 Kg (without platter) and is made using high tech steel, bronze and ceramics
  • Battery power
  • Wooden platter
  • Leather mat by Jean Hiraga
  • Wooden chassis for optimum vibration behaviour
  • Natural oil treatment of wooden case
  • Price: CHF 48'000.00


"Bilan / Luxe - été 2012"