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Tube Single Ended TVC

The Silver Rock Transformer Volume Control (TVC) to be Single Ended Tube driven

Due to the pseudo-toroidal structure of this transformer, two TVC’s have to be produced for each channel.

Tube driven Silver TVC


  • Silver Rock level magnetics featuring lowest losses
  • Special winding techniques
  • 24 log. set output tabs
  • Made using our own cryo silver wire
  • The wire is not interrupted and the 24 output tabs
  • No potting
  • No magnetic shielding (just listen....)
  • Mounted on a wooden board
  • Comes pre-assembled, ready to be connected to the SE Tube stage
  • Custom adjusted in order to suit tube specificity
  • Available in stereo (one knob) or mono (two knobs)
  • Each TVC weights 1.2 Kg
  • Price Stereo: CHF 22’750.00 (you need one set up two for stereo)
  • Price Mono: CHF 11’800.00/ each (you need two for stereo)